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IBMU Battery Monitoring Unit


    The battery is a critical element in protecting your critical IT infrastructure. A single bad battery within your back-up power system can potentially induce a risk of downtime for your mission-critical load operations. Leading number of statistics indicated that more than half of all the UPS failure instigated due to battery failure. Inevitably, this call for an intelligent and reliable diagnostic system that can track and help improve the battery performance in real-time basis. Introducing the IBMU, an Intelligent Battery Monitoring Unit designed to optimize the battery performance and improve reliability without placing your critical operations in jeopardy due to potentially deteriorated cell. The IBMU monitors real-time operating status of each cell voltage, cell internal resistance & temperature, charging & discharging current, ripple voltage, and hydrogen concentration. Embedded with the comprehensive acquisition & management tools, the IBMU locate the battery malfunctions very accurately. Additionally, IBMU display parameters can be interlinked with the display of Liebert Power system. Thus simplifies the management of complete power system.

    Technical Specifications

    Battery Controller Module
    Operating Voltage 85 ~ 264VAC, DC 110 ~ 370V (standard); DC48V (optional)
    Power Consumption <15W
    Working temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
    Working humidity 5% ~ 95%
    Communication interface RS 485 and 10/100M network port,
    support MODBUS/RTU, MODBUS/TCP and SNMP protoco
    Man-machine interface 5.6-inch touch screen, LED status display and buzzer alarm
    Installation method Wall mounted, 19inch rack


    Single Cell Detection Module
    Operating Voltage 2V module: 1.500V ~ 2.500V ±0.1%
    6V module: 4.500V ~ 8.000V ±0.1%
    12V module: 9.000V ~ 15.000V ±0.1%
    Working temperature 10°C ~ +55°C
    Internal resistance detection range 50 ~ 65535uΩ, ± 2%
    Temperature detection range -5°C ~ +99.9°C, ±1°C
    Installation method Installed on the surface of the battery or battery holder


    Current Detection Module
    Operating voltage DC 8 ~ 13V (main control module power supply)
    Power consumption <0.15W
    Working temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
    Current detection range BM-TC500: 0 ~ 1000A
    BM-TC1000: 0 ~ 2000A
    Current detection accuracy 0 ~ 1000A, ± 1% (FS)
    Installation method Installed on the surface of the battery or battery holder


    Component Description Dimensions ( DxWxH in mm) Weight (g)
    Main control module <=116×430×44.5 (standard 1U) <=1800
    Single cell detection module <=28×61×85 <=80
    Current detection module <=29×60×85 <=75




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