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Nyvin Cables

We take care of proper safety measures



    These cables are used by ARC INFOTECH team  for all interconnecting cables between batteries and UPS systems and server rooms as the nylon and fiber glass braid on the cable does not allows the heat generated in the conductor, due to continuous operation, to be felt in the surrounding areas. These cables are widely used in aircraft cabling. These are fire redundant cables .

    Cable Construction

    Conductor : Annealed tinned copper to IS:10241 Part 3, uniformly bunched to form a circular shape
    Insulation : Special core insulation HR-PVC 105° C
    Primary Braid : Braided with glass fiber, 100% coverage
    Secondary Braid : Braided with nylon fiber, 100% coverage
    Lacquer : Overall construction is finally lacquered with nylon varnish


    Max. Operating Voltage : 600V r.m.s.
    Operating Temperature Range : -35°C to 105°

    Resistant to ester based fluids (hydraulic oil), acids, chemicals and solvents. The nylon and glass fibers are very good heat resistant materials.


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