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In today’s competitive business environment, proper upkeep and maintenance of machines are of prime importance to reduce downtime. To facilitate this, almost all businesses resort to an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in a bid to protect their large machinery and sensitive equipment. An AMC is aimed to provide security for all services pertaining to the machinery and electronic equipment like UPS systems, stabilizers, computers, printers, air conditioners, servers, networks, cybersecurity management and so on. It is essentially an agreement with the manufacturer or service provider for regular maintenance, engineering support, technical assistance, repair and replacement of electronic devices used by the business house. The duration of the contract can extend for one to three years, depending on the agreement between the two parties.

Some of the other advantages of an AMC include:

Easier financial management

When you know how much you are going to pay at the end of the year for the efficient running of your crucial equipment in your office, it makes financial budgeting that much easier. Even if the prices of key components of the machinery escalates during the course of the year, you will pay only that amount as mentioned in your contract. Thus, it acts as a saving tool for many businesses.

Increase the efficiency of your sensitive equipment

Regular maintenance and expert technical intervention vis-à-vis the machinery and gadgets will go a long way in increasing their productivity as well as life span. You can focus on your business and leave the looking after of vital equipment to the expertise of the technicians and engineers.

Your machinery and data in safe hands

AMC’s allow a business to have a team of expert tech professionals at its disposal. Hiring an in-house team with such a high level of technical know-how and proficiency would cost a lot more.

Emergency support

One never knows when an emergency might crop up. Armed with an AMC, you can rest assured that you will receive prompt service in the event of any breakdown. 

We are with you, 24X7

ARC Infotech Pvt. Ltd, the leading power solution provider in eastern India, understands how the lights going out in your business can cause you a lot of harm, including significant financial losses. With its strong credentials built over 25 years of excellence in the industry, the company has thus managed to carve a niche for itself when it comes to lending its support to critical industries that require 24X7 assistance to ensure maximum uptime. It caters to most top names in the industry and has already built a strong client base of roughly 4,000 happy customers. The skilled workforce, 24X7 dedicated service, updated industry knowledge, key affiliations and the trust gained in the industry have facilitated ARC Infotech to maintain AMC’s successfully with most of the leading players in the industry today. All clients have highly commended the impeccable service for its promptness, trustworthiness, flexibility and efficiency.

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