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In today’s competitive business environment where more and more companies are moving towards automation, the critical role of cables has gained manifold importance. After all, cables are an integral component when it comes to the transmission of electricity to any machinery or gadget. They are used in all outdoor and indoor applications wherever power supply is required.

However, mere transmission of current is not enough. The cables also need to guarantee human safety as well as the protection of the critical machinery. For instance, without proper cabling, smoke and acid gases resulting from a fire can pose a serious hazard to personnel as well as sensitive equipment in offices, factories, high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, etc. It is thus mandatory for them to be shock proof as well as short circuit proof. They also need to comply with the all the necessary certifications.

Fire redundant and high electric carrying capacity

Ensuring the cable is a quality product that adheres to all safety norms vis-à-vis fire safety standards is critical for both the manufacturers and end-users. In connection to this, the industry leader and the most trusted product in the domain of cables is Nyvin cables. They are known for their higher current carrying capacity, making them more economical than PVC cables. A 55mm2 Nyvin cable has the same current carrying capacity as a 120 mm2 PVC cable. Besides, they have a far superior chemical resistance than PVC cables and boast of a temperature range from -30 degrees Centigrade to 105 degrees Centigrade. With a maximum operating voltage to the tune of 600V r.m.s. these cables are also resistant to ester-based fluids (hydraulic oil), acids, chemicals and solvents. The nylon and glass fibers offer excellent heat resistance. The huge saving on copper makes the Nyvin cable much cheaper than its PVC variant.

The Industry favourite

The fire redundant Nyvin cable has been traditionally finding wide usage in the realm of the highly critical aircraft wiring. They are also economical and efficient to use as battery bank interconnections, panel board wiring and interconnection wiring. They also find widespread usage in UPS systems and server rooms as the nylon and fiber glass braid on the cable does not allow heat generated in the conductor to be disseminated to the surrounding areas.

We provide you with the best

ARC Infotech Pvt. Ltd, the leading power solution provider in eastern India, deals in only the best products in the market to provide the competitive edge to all its customers. For example, the company uses only Nyvin cables when it comes to all interconnecting cables between batteries, UPS systems and server rooms. Patronizing of such products, that have gained the major slice in the market after years of research and development, has helped the company garner the respect and faith of its strong customer base.

In fact, this trust generated from customers has facilitated the company to grow to a 500 million organization, armed with a highly qualified human resource team. Each team member continuously strives to provide quality products and services, tailored exclusively to meet the needs of every discerning customer. 

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