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Irrespective of the size of our businesses, all the sensitive electronic equipment is always at the mercy of sudden changes in utility power. The most common problems are excessive voltage, known as power spikes and surges, and too little voltage, commonly referred to as brownouts and blackouts. These power disruptions have a huge negative impact on our work since they lead to downtime, lost income and even the additional expense of replacing the affected equipment. This is the very reason why the UPS battery backup and surge protectors have become critical for any business today to stay “connected” all the time.

Let us take a look at some of the common power issues that plague our workplaces and how best we can tackle them.

Power spikes and surges

Problem: A power spike is a burst of high voltage that last for a few milliseconds. A power surge lasts longer, often up to several minutes.  The main cause of surges is when large electrical devices like big machinery, photocopiers and air conditioners switch on and off. Other causes include faulty wiring or utility problems. Spikes are less frequent, often occurring when lightning strikes near connected power lines.

Protection: It is thus very important to invest in power surge protectors, a sure-shot way to protect your facility from power problems in the first place. These surge protectors detect and divert excess voltage to the earth wire before a surge can reach and cause damage to our important devices. They modulate and control the power supply to ensure a steady and consistent flow. 

Sags, brownouts and blackouts

Problem: Sags and brownouts occur when the voltage supply dips below the normal range. While a sag can be as short as one cycle (1/60 of a second), a brownout generally disrupts work for several minutes. A blackout, however, entails complete loss of power supply and often results in damage of equipment, service interruption and loss of vital data. 

Protection: Investing in a UPS battery back-up is the solution to prevent such power failure-induced downtime and loss of critical data. When the power supply drops below prescribed levels, the UPS supplies power through its battery to maintain continuity of work or production. In case of a complete power failure, the UPS is equipped to provide power for the entire duration of the blackout. It is thus very important for you to gauge and evaluate the scale of power backup that will be required to ensure smooth operations at your workplace. A prudent idea is to invest in a system commensurate with the electrical infrastructure of your office.

We are there for you

ARC Infotech Pvt. Ltd, the leading power solution provider in eastern India, is your one-stop solution to procure any of the above mentioned UPS systems or power surge protectors, to suit your industrial needs. Armed with a long-standing tie-up with the largest uninterruptible power supply organization in the country Tata Liebert Ltd., (now known as VERTIV), ARC Infotech is one of the few companies licenced to sell their wide range of UPS products. The company offers the PowerSure Low and Medium Exposure surge protective devices, in addition to a bouquet of other products and services.

Boasting of an enviable reputation in the market, ARC has a strong client base of around 4,000 satisfied customers. The company’s skilled human resource team, 24X7 dedicated service, industry knowledge, key affiliations and the trust garnered over 25 years of experience has gone a long way in spearheading the company to the numero uno position in this sector.

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