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Effective upkeep can ensure longevity, uninterrupted power and overall peace of mind

UPS systems play a vital role in protecting other equipment at our homes, small enterprises as well as in large-scale businesses. Their critical responsibility in safeguarding computers, data centres and telecommunication equipment from unexpected power failures cannot be undermined. A power failure is an unmitigated disaster not only because of the inconvenience caused but also the great loss of time and money. 

With more and more businesses becoming reliant on their power supplies, the regular maintenance of UPS systems has thus become the order of the day. It is crucial to prevent failure-induced downtime and loss of data. It also goes a long way in ensuring optimum efficiency and good battery health.

Proper storage: First and foremost, the UPS must be maintained at the manufacturer’s recommended optimum operating temperature in a dry, clean and well-lit environment in order to optimize its efficiency.

Regular checking: The equipment should be checked regularly to ensure it is safeguarded from overheating, noise or vibrations.

Battery inspection: While traditional batteries such as open-vented lead acid ones could be checked through low technology methods, the new Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) ones found in most UPS’s today are inspected through a process called battery impedance testing. This form of testing assesses the present condition of the battery and even provides accurate prediction about the end of the battery’s life cycle.

Nowadays, many big businesses employ the services of permanently-fitted fixed battery monitoring systems to facilitate continuous monitoring of battery systems, including voltage fluctuations, current, temperature and impedance. However, the price of these fixed battery systems are still relatively high in the market and thus are mainly used in battery installations that are large or highly critical.

Generator care: The maintenance for generators, if present as part of the system, should entail all major components including the cooling, fuel and lubricating systems, the starting system, mechanical parts as well as the control panel. 

Maintenance contract: A carefully-structured regular testing and maintenance schedule from a reputed service provider should be maintained and carried out to ensure proper working of the units and batteries to rule out any unforeseen power failures. Apart from preventive maintenance facilitating repairs and replacement of any critical component, it should also cover the major parts of the UPS, namely the UPS itself, the battery and the generator, if present. 

Enroll with the best in the industry

ARC Infotech Pvt. Ltd., the leading power solution provider in eastern India, is your one-stop solution to procure UPS systems for your professional or personal requirements as well as secure their regular and updated maintenance. Headquartered in Kolkata with branches at Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Patna and Guwahati, ARC is currently credited with over 12,000 installations, 5,400 maintenance jobs and an enviable client base of around 4,000 satisfied customers. The company’s skilled human resource team, 24X7 dedicated service, industry knowledge, key affiliations and the trust garnered over 25 years of experience has gone a long way in spearheading the company to the numero uno position in this sector. If you want you UPS system to be well-maintained and work to its optimum efficiency, do not wait any more before enrolling for maintenance service with the best in the industry!

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