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Power “on”, always! 

The need for continuous power is increasing for all businesses notwithstanding the size of the organization. This is obviously in sync with the increasing global demand for energy. No wonder, the UPS systems are playing a crucial role in any business setup nowadays. After all, they are critical in safeguarding companies from any sudden power outage and unplanned downtime that could translate into huge monetary losses.

How do UPS systems safeguard your businesses?

Uninterrupted power

Obviously, the prime benefit derived from the installation of UPS systems is break-free power. In case of any power outage owing to utility failure, accidents or natural disasters, the UPS system starts supplying back-up power to the business instantaneously, without any lagging. Battery backups facilitate continuous supply of power by acting as a bridge between the primary power source and the generator start-up. Every device runs uninterrupted in the interim period owing to the UPS battery circumnavigating any power-related issues.

Protects your devices

Every office is susceptible to any sudden power outage.  All electronic devices are at the mercy of these sudden power cuts and blackouts. However, the stable power output provided by UPS batteries help to protect your devices and keep them damage-free.

Buffer from voltage spikes

Besides monitoring for power failures, UPS systems also help in checking for voltage fluctuations. In case of any surge or spike, the battery automatically switches to AC power instantly. Thus, this “spike” cannot harm any device connected to the UPS. Once the normalcy in power is restored, the battery automatically reconnects to main power output.

Save important data: Unless the business systems are connected to an UPS, sudden power outages will cut-off all devices from the main power source. Backup power from the UPS systems will give all employees the opportunity to save and create a backup of all their important data.

Save time and money: Losing critical data and information implies wasting valuable time in trying to recover the same. Time loss for any business is tantamount to loss of revenue. In fact, for big businesses, even a minute-long power outage can result in major losses. A good and reliable UPS system will protect any organization and its employees from such horrifying scenarios.

We are at your service

ARC Infotech Pvt. Ltd, the leading power solution provider in eastern India, is your one-stop solution to procure any of the above mentioned vital UPS systems, for your personal or industrial needs. Armed with a long-standing tie-up with the largest uninterruptable power supply (UPS) organization in the country Tata Liebert Ltd., (now known as VERTIV), ARC Infotech is one of the few companies licensed to sell their wide range of UPS products. Headquartered in Kolkata and with branches at Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Patna and Guwahati, ARC has an enviable client base of around 4,000 satisfied customers. The company’s skilled human resource team, 24X7 dedicated service, industry knowledge, key affiliations and the trust garnered over 25 years of experience has gone a long way in spearheading the company to the numero uno position in this sector.

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