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Need an UPS system for your home needs or your business? Choose from a wide array of products to suit your every need from eastern India market leader ARC Infotech

In today’s dynamic business and home environment, battery backups for UPS is critical. After all, UPS is essential to safeguard computers, data centres and telecommunication equipment from unexpected power failures. Failure of power mains can not only disrupt business processes and lead to data loss; it can also be the cause of fatal human injury. Businesses today are equipped with all possible infrastructural support to cater to the escalating industry growth, automation and technological advancement. Therefore the UPS battery backup assumes a critical aspect for any business – not just in the realm of IT but also other key sectors like manufacturing, retail and sales.

Some salient points to be considered vis-à-vis UPS battery backup includes:

Meeting your requirements

Today, a wide array of models and manufacturers of UPS have flooded the market. Deciding on the model which fits your requirement is the primary job in hand. It is important to evaluate the scale of your power backup needs and demands. A need of a home and a large-scale manufacturing plant is obviously a lot different. This will determine which product you will eventually settle for.

Duration of power backup supply

Users have different needs for UPS power. While some want it to preserve essential documents and consequently switch off their systems, others may need uninterrupted power for the entire duration of the blackout. The number of watts supported by the system impacts the battery supply time: the smaller the wattage load, the longer the batteries will last.

Power issues related to UPS systems

There are three types of smart UPS systems in vogue – Standby Design, Line Interactive Design and Double Conversion System. Each is designed to combat specific power problems namely:

Surge – This is caused by a brief and sudden fluctuation of electricity. All the three above-mentioned systems are capable of handling a surge.  

Blackout – This occurs owing to severe weather conditions, utility power shortages, accidents and grid failures. A blackout can be efficiently dealt with by all three UPS designs.

Over-voltage – This refers to the incoming voltage exceeding the standard level. Line interactive and double conversion systems are equipped to handle this condition.

Frequency variation – This problem is faced when power frequency fluctuates more than usual. You need Double Conversion Systems to combat this condition.

Line noise – Frequency lines have the potential to disturb the performance of a circuit. Once again, a Double Conversion System is required to rectify the situation.

Longevity of a UPS battery

The battery of an UPS will eventually wear out and generally needs replacement every three years or so. Since most of them are lead-acid batteries, they require safe and supervised disposal. 

Cost involved

All of the UPS designs mentioned above operate at different scales and capabilities and it’s pretty self-explanatory that a backup UPS catering to a higher scale of power requires larger investments to implement. Therefore, it is imperative to gauge its exact power requirement and opt for the configuration that is suited to the need.

At your service, 24X7

ARC Infotech Pvt. Ltd, the leading power solution provider in eastern India, is your one-stop solution to procure any of the above mentioned UPS systems, for your personal or industrial needs. Armed with a long-standing tie-up with the largest uninterruptable power supply (UPS) organization in the country Tata Liebert Ltd., (now known as VERTIV), ARC Infotech is one of the few companies licenced to sell their wide range of UPS products. Headquartered in Kolkata and with branches at Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Patna and Guwahati, ARC has an enviable client base of around 4,000 satisfied customers. The company’s skilled human resource team, 24X7 dedicated service, industry knowledge, key affiliations and the trust garnered over 25 years of experience has gone a long way in spearheading the company to the numero uno position in this sector.

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